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  • Saquito Filler of trocitos of apple and cream of almonds
  • Varied of fruit with his hot chocolate
  • Arm of gipsy of cream or born.
  • Cake of cheese and jam of cranberries.
  • Tiramisú With cheese mascarpone.
  • Coulant Of black chocolate
  • “Carquinyolis” With chupito of moscatel.
  • Catalan cream.
  • Valencian
  • Carpaccio Of pineapple with Catalan cream.
  • Profiteroles With hot chocolate.
  • Creppe Filler of ice cream of vanilla covered with chocolate.
  • Irish coffee./ Scottish
  • Natural pineapple.
  • ◦Juice of natural orange.
  • Fresitas To the taste.
  • Tocinillo Of heaven with cheese and pinions.
  • Sherbet of lemon to the marc of digs.
  • Sherbet of Mandarin of Sóller.
  • Ice cream of black chocolate.
  • Ice cream of yoghourt with sauce of raspberry.
  • Ice cream of coconut on fund of cream.
  • Ice cream of vanilla with hot chocolate. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat